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Sofie Winterson - Southern Skies (Album) . Amsterdam-based musician Sofie Winterson shares her new album Southern Skies co-produced by Benny Sings via Excelsior Recordings featuring previous singles "Jump", "Lost You To A Boy" and new single, closing track "Perfect Goodybe". The project is a continuation and expansion of her and Sings' 2019 collaborative EP Moral, but also offers a glimpse into what Sofie can do when left to her own devices. Created in primarily Benny Sings' canal-hugging studio in Amsterdam, the upcoming album, Southern Skies was formed as an act of stripping-back and growing as a songwriter. Sofie’s last full-length album Sophia Electric instead acted as a way to expand her work as a producer. Her varied influences, from the soul and folk she grew up on to the dream-pop of her university years can all be heard as part of the album’s eclectic palette which leans in a more minimal direction than before. Sofie says: "In the op

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Sofie Winterson - Jump. Amsterdam-based musician Sofie Winterson announces details of her forthcoming album Southern Skies produced by Benny Sings via Excelsior Recordings in June. The project is a continuation and expansion of their 2019 collaborative EP Moral and new single "Jump" offers up more of the accidental magic which is at the core of their partnership. "Jump" chronicles uncertainty yet offers soothing reassurance with its lilting, warm indie-pop sound. A nod to the rest of the album which saw Sofie embrace simplicity and foster a new perspective. Of the new single Sofie says: "Jump is about wanting to make a big change in life, but not knowing where that change will take you. It’s meant to comfort you in this state of insecurity. It can encourage you not to overthink where that change will lead you, since you will be a different person by the time you’ll get there." Created in primarily Benny Sings' canal-hugging studio in Amsterdam, Southe

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Frankie Davies - High On Love. Background - Frankie Davies has shared the new video for her latest single 'High On Love' which sees Frankie meandering home ‘the morning after’ around her local streets with the gorgeous landscape of Jersey as a backdrop. “Wherever I Go is me, encapsulated,” says Frankie Davies, Jersey-born songwriter, on her highly anticipated debut album. This is an important release for Davies, in fact, she has said that “this represents me, my journey and experiences over the last 4 years.” First single, 'High On Love', is a brilliantly addictive tune that showcases Frankie's exceptional songwriting and heartwarming voice. Frankie has explained the story within the song: "High on Love is an unusual take on a love story, one that follows an optimist with the ability to conjure up a connection that wasn’t there in the first place. By misreading gestures of kindness for ones of affection, we see just how easy it is to run away with our ideas