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Heart - Chicago USA 1976

This is Heart Live in Chicago, USA, on the 3rd August 1976. This boot has been called 'Heart'n'Zeppelin' for obvious reasons, tracks one, three, and five are all Led Zeppelin covers, which for Heart fans would, I imagine, make this something of a collectors item. This recording was from a single CD, with some obvious editing, however this remains a feisty performance with an excellent collection of songs. Band line up was: Ann Wilson - lead vocals Nancy Wilson - guitar and vocals Roger Fisher - lead guitar Howard Leese - guitar Michael Derosier - drums Steven Fossen - bass guitar Set list: 1. Rock 'n roll 2. Heartless 3. The Battle Of Evermore 4. White Lightning & Wine 5. The Rover 6. Devil's Delight 7. Magic Man 8. Crazy On You 9. Barracuda The recording is stereo soundboard sourced and good quality. REPLACEMENT DOWNLOAD LINK IN COMMENTS BELOW (29/05/2010).

Heart - Portland Oregon 1987

Well would you believe it, I first heard the band Heart on Radio Caroline, and guess when? Yep in the 1970's! They may have been given air time elsewhere in the UK, but the option of suffering The Bay City Rollers, Donny Osmond and possibly Cliff Richard's to eventually here them does not require consideration. This is Heart some time later, 1987 to be precise, however I must apologise I do not have the actual day or month to hand. This concert is from the tour supporting the release of 'Bad Animals' - not one of their best albums as far as I am concerned, and yet, they are on sparkling form here, and with plenty of other Heart material, very, very good! Set list: 1. Bad animals 2. Wolf 3. Barracuda 4. Nothing at all 5. What about love 6. Dreamboat Annie 7. These dreams 8. Straight on 9. Who will you run to 10. Never 11. How can I refuse 12. Crazy on you 13. If looks could kill 14. Bebe le strange 15. Alone 16. Rock and roll Quality is exce