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Moriah Bailey - Paige Bea - SOMOH

Moriah Bailey - The Ocean Life. Oklahoma songwriter & harpist Moriah Bailey releases “The Ocean Life” from her upcoming album i tried words out December 2nd via Keeled Scales. Inspired by her earliest memories of music, the track is a multifaceted and alludes to notions of freedom, environmental degradation, capitalist consumption, and longing for a different kind of life. The music video was directed & edited by Lauren Reese, with assistance from Holly Pierce & Elmer Fajardo. “The Ocean Life” music video couples Bailey’s soft but steady harp with snapshots of the natural landscapes in Oklahoma – revealing that change is omni-present. What Bailey has to say about "The Ocean Life" & music video: "The Ocean Life" is about a lot of things and can be interpreted in different ways. In its broadest sense, for me, the song is longing and hoping for a different kind of life, and its also lamenting losses resulting from the ways that we relate to one another