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LISA - Rose Ette - Louien

Some intriguing thoughts and comments from LISA below to accompany 'Primitive Us'. It's a gorgeous song full of melodic hooks whilst individuality brims through. From Rose Ette we have the title track from their 'Ignore The Feeling' album. It's one of nine songs and I have also included 'Skin', between them they give a good feel for bands highly engaging brand of rock. Yesterday Louien released 'Be Forgiven' and it's a fabulous singer-songwriter piece where both her refined vocals and the imaginative musical arrangement are outstanding. LISA - Primitive Us. “Primitive Us” is candy coated razor-blades. “Primitive Us” is phoney feelings. “Primitive Us” is dangling carrots. “Primitive Us” is self destruction. “Primitive Us” is winning big and then losing it all. I think we’re happy to let the wool be pulled over our eyes. To sleepwalk through life a little. But as we all know, wool is hella itchy and at some point those blinders need to