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Monday Mix: Traveller - John Mellencamp - Club Kuru - Elouise - Carl Louis

Traveller - All This Time. Background - The summer of 2012 saw Gerry Sheridan and Simon Usher begin their songwriting partnership, which progressed to become Traveller in January 2016 when they were joined by Martin Yves on guitar and Brian Socha on bass. By spring 2016 the band had written and recorded their debut EP at Chamber Studios in Edinburgh. Taking just four days to complete, 'All This Time' enabled Traveller to connect to an ever growing fanbase who are drawn to their Anthemic Rock wall of sound. "There’s a sonic harmony that is often created by the band during rehearsals and it’s often from this that sparks the imagination to write" explains Simon. "We write about life’s journey, from the people we meet along the way to all the various experiences that we have, both good or bad..." Website here , Facebook here . Not exactly brand new, however having received a piece on the band, I wanted to give them a feature because the EP that 'All Thi

Weekend Wonders: Elouise - The Tiger & Me - Honeymilk - Gutxi Bibang - Eleven North

Elouise - Silent Night. Background - Fueled by a sordid real-life backdrop of good old fashioned suicides, murders, and alcoholic depravity followed by church on Sunday, Elouise is an eccentric collaboration of Los Angeles-based musicians who came together to create an ominous, raw and cinematic genre of music they identify as Blackgrass. It is the sound of sin and salvation mixed in a dark cocktail with a taste of Bluegrass, a black symphonic sound and weary emotional vocals that tell original tales of struggle and re-imagine songs from our collective Americana consciousness. Elouise is back with their menacing Blackgrass rendition of the Holiday classic “Silent Night” and are offering a free download for the month of December. Website here . Move aside seasonal slush, no room for sentimental songs here today. This is how you do 'Silent Night', followed by a large measure of Bourbon and ice (I'm guessing that's an acceptable brew for alcoholic depravity)... ---

Globe Trotting: Russell Morgan - Elouise - Meter Bridge - Groovy Bones - Seavera

Russell Morgan - You Don't Feel. Words from Russell - "You Don't Feel" is from my new album "Begin Simple", which will be released, May 13th 2016, by Ray Recordings. Throughout the writing of the new record my songs developed their own magic, to me, they are documents of moments and feeling or things that’d I’d been a part of, or had witnessed. Sometimes I can struggle with my writing process, I have to be sincere to myself. You don’t feel represents being true to that ideal. Without a passion you don't feel. My songs were recorded and filmed live by Filippo Gaetani at Wilddog Studio. The production of the album took on a new phase. We introduced clever rhythmical aspects and electronic instruments, adding to my folk roots. Filippo was key in bringing these aspects to life, forming key parts where necessary and being absolute and true to the production. The idea was to get out of the box, creating new dimensions within these stories. It worked.