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Polychrome - Robert Hinton - The Garrys - Quiet as a Mouse - OX

Polychrome - Don't Be A Stranger. Background - “Don’t Be A Stranger” is an ode to Stranger Things title sequence composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of Survive. Analog synths accompany Victoria’s ethereal vocals in the opening of the second single of the album. The track paints a parallel universe to the rest of the album, making it a standout track. Opposing the glossy synths of the lead-single “Final Kiss”, “Don’t Be A Stranger” leads the listener into ghostly, uneasy sonic territories. The track ends with distortion filters on both Victoria’s vocals and the lead synth, pulling us into a post-apocalyptic digital nightmare. 'We were binge-watching the Stranger Things on Netflix in between recording sessions, and we love the theme music Survive did. We had some time off whilst mixing the album, and so we had the idea of making the theme tune into a song - as an homage to the original. We got busy with the synths and vocoders, and just as we were finishing, there was a spo