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Joy Division - Bowdon Vale Youth/Social Club - 1979

As collectors items go, I guess this really is 'A List' material. With the passing of Anthony H. Wilson, founder of Factory Records, along with the film of the late Ian Curtis and Joy Division , (with the reissues of all Joy Division material), obtaining something alternative from the band may prove difficult. That this boot is also a very real part of the post punk and new wave era at grass roots level adds to the attraction. So why were Joy Division playing a gig at a youth club, to an audience of predominately 10 to 16 year olds? They were bizarrely playing the youth club because Bob Jefferson, who was promoting the gigs at the venue on Wednesday nights, had bought them out of their first contract, so they could join Factory Records. He owned Streets Ahead records in Altrincham. They played the gig as a thank you! I do not know the kind person that cleaned up this sound board recording, however considerable work went into developing a digital version. Here ar