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Steve Earle & The Train Band - Live in Atlanta 1995

This is Steve Earle & The Train Band live in concert at the Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA, on the 30th November 1995. Source: Very low generation copy of stereo soundboard recording. Sound Quality: Excellent (very clean, slightly remastered when transferred to digital). Genre: From Country to Rock (very diverse & hard to categorise at times in his career). Set: Full concert including encores. Set List: Part One: 1. Mystery Train Part II 2. Hometown Blues 3. The Devil's Right Hand 4. Tom Ames' Prayer 5. Angel Is The Devil 6. Sometimes She Forgets 7. You Know The Rest 8. Goodbye 9. Band intros 10. The Other Kind 11. My Old Friend The Blues 12. Someday 13. South Nashville Blues 14. Ellis Unit One Part Two: 1. I Ain't Ever Satisfied 2. Rivers Of Babylon (Dowe/McNaughton) 3. Nothin' Without You 4. When Will We Be Married? (Trad) 5. Ruby Ridge (Rowan) * 6. Free Mexican Air Force (Rowan) * 7. I'm Looking Through You (Lennon/McCartney) 8. White Freight L