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Keni Titus - Adams & Costello

Keni Titus - if u want. Los Angeles pop artist Keni Titus shares her latest single “if u want”, along with a heavenly music video directed by Keni and her best friend, Victoria. Returning with her first song of the year, since her track “Come Back” in 2022, Keni has spent the last year writing a lot of new music, using songwriting primarily as a way to reflect on her experiences and relationships to date, and “if u want” is a product of that process. The track is beautifully delicate and melodic, touching on intimate themes of companionship and desire. In her heartfelt lyricism, Keni expresses a desire to be all that someone needs her to be, in whatever shape or form that may take. Despite not having met that person yet, she can envision it in all its loving togetherness. Keni passionately sings, “If u want I could fit right in the gaps of your teeth. If u want cover my mouth so there’s more air to breathe” “If u want” is the first single to be taken from her upcoming debut project, w