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Meagre Martin - The Lemon Twigs - Ivan Moult - Tom Emlyn

Meagre Martin - All My Thoughts Berlin via Boston up-and-coming indie project Meagre Martin share their gripping and intimate new single, "All My Thoughts." The track is out now on Mansions and Millions. On the track, the lead-member Sarah Martin offers: "All My Thoughts' is about the pervasive feelings of grief and how we internalize it. How we continue to reference grief and the ones we've lost for the entirety of our lives. It describes how grief can shape the way we move through the world after those people are no longer here to advise us. It talks about this afterlife connection and also the ultimate fear of mortality and failure." Meagre Martin is a Berlin-based indie music project founded by African-American musician/songwriter Sarah Martin (she/her) in the summer of 2021. Sarah is originally from Boston MA, but moved to Berlin Germany in the fall of 2017. Searching for meaning in a crumbling global climate, this project was created as a means of sur

Hourglvss - Jill Andrews - Tom Emlyn - Sarah Segal-Lazar

Hourglvss - Calling North Wales alt-pop quartet Hourglvss, made up of best friends Katie Benbow (vocals / keyboard), Sophie May Williams (vocals / keyboard), Rosie Hamilton (guitar) and Lauren James (drums) are the newest infectious girl gang you will want to be a part of.  This week they share their infectious new single 'Calling'. Operating out of Benbow’s ‘Vintage Hearts’ clothing warehouse; complete with pink floors, a giant lipstick, alien mannequins, and heaps of vintage garments, these four women have created a safe space for their own unique Hourglvss universe. Hourglvss was first formed back when Sophie became a customer of Katie’s vintage clothing website. The pair instantly hit it off and found they had almost everything in common. After attending a Tame Impala gig, the pair began playing music together, covering songs at Katie’s house. It was there that they discovered they had something special. Soon after, Rosie and Lauren joined the band, and the sisterhood was