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Sandy Denny - London 1972

Reloaded 13/May/2015 - I am delighted to be able to share this rare recording of Sandy Denny again, this is a treasure for all Sandy Denny fans.  This is a recording of Sandy Denny live at the Eltham Well Hall Open Theatre, London, back on May 5th, 1972. This was apparently an open air gig with folding chairs provided for the audience. The recording was made on a Radio Shack $20 cassette recorder with a built in condenser mic, and considering this, the sound quality is surprisingly listenable with clear vocals and instruments and very little 'noise or hiss'. The recording made it on to DAT and kept the quality as close to the original standard as possible. For fans of Sandy this really is a must have. Richard Thompson was also in the band.  Sandy Denny's second solo album, Sandy (with a cover photograph by David Bailey) was released in 1972 and for many remains her most cohesive musical statement as a singer and songwriter. Source: Audience recording. So

Sandy Denny and The Happy Blunderers - Lincoln 1971.

This is Sandy Denny and The Happy Blunderers live at the Lincoln Folk Festival (England) back on the 24th July 1971. She's backed by the self named Happy Blunderers, consisting of Fairport members Richard Thompson, Dave Pegg and Jerry Conway. Richard plays guitar throughout and sings backing vocals on the third song (Crash On The Levee - a Dylan song). The first solo album by Sandy Denny 'The North Star Grassman and the Ravens' was also released in 1971 and is distinguished by its elusive lyrics and unexpected harmonies. Highlights included Late November, inspired by a dream and the death of Fairport band member Martin Lamble, and Next Time Around a cryptogram about Jackson C. Frank, one of her many portraits in song. Both songs were included in this short set. Also on the bill at the festival were The Byrds, Dion, Tim Hardin, the Incredible String Band, Ralph McTell, Pentangle, Tom Paxton, Steeleye Span, Dave Swarbrick & Martin Carthy, James Taylor, and Sonny T

Fotheringay - Plumpton Festival 1970

Hopefully Beehive Candy will be back to normal from now on, following a series of broadband problems, and illness in recent weeks. One individual left a comment that we are shameless promoters and because of the existence of torrents and so forth we are hardly doing anything special here! Well we are happy to support new artists we like, and share old boots, regardless of the odd (very odd) persons snide remarks, perhaps they are a bit sad & lonely.. This is a must for fans of Sandy Denny or Fotheringay , and whilst the audio quality is only average, it is quite listenable and a wonderful piece of history from the short lived band. Fotheringay was formed in 1970 by singer Sandy Denny upon her departure from Fairport Convention. The band drew its name from Fotheringhay Castle, where Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned in England. The castle was also the inspiration for the song "Fotheringay", which Fairport Convention had included on their 1969 album, 'What We Did

Sandy Denny - Newcastle Guildhall 1972

This is the second in our new occasional series under the banner 'Rarities and Collectors Items' where the audio might not be first class but the interest factor is likely quite high. It's over thirty years since Sandy Denny passed away, and yet her influence as a folk singer and artist has remained down the years, her ability to interpret anything from traditional folk too folk rock setting the benchmark for those that have followed. This is a beautiful set recorded by a member of the audience who edited out the gaps and some applause however retained her conversation with the audience along with the songs. Being a small venue and with a respectful audience the intimate nature of the concert can be felt and heard. Performing on October 12th 1972 at the Guildhall, Newcastle, England this is the much missed Sandy Denny. Source: Audience recording Sound Quality: Very good for audience recording and era mp3@320kbps. Genre: Folk, Electric Folk. Set: Majority of set. Set