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Saltwater Sun - Future Lives - Hope Waidley - Kaola Queen - Sariyah Idan - alexdgoldberg - Colie

Saltwater Sun were featured a couple of times earlier this year and return today with the blistering indie rocker 'Mouthbreather' with a hint or two of grunge packed in. === Future Lives shared a video for 'Huckabee' a short while back and having reviewed a track from their first album, it's good to know the second album is on the way from these talented Americana music folk. ===   Hope Waidley has released 'Born Again' where her fabulous vocals are showcased above a stripped back musical arrangement. === Norway's Kaola Queen have released a bluesy rocker entitled 'Time' with bags of energy. === We have a beautiful soulful song from Sariyah Idan entitled 'You Got To Go' with some fine jazz vibes in the music. === Taking us into some orchestral territory alexdgoldberg new song 'Stay The Same' is a fabulously creative and rather addictive affair. === Finally today Colie has a brand new single 'Half Of What You Are' a

Someone - Allman Brown - Field Guide - Winter - Adámas - Rainbrother - KEØMA - Saltwater Sun

Someone has shared 'I Can't Remember How To Talk To You' a smooth and hook fuelled pysch pop track. Allman Brown's 'Lonely Hearts, Los Angeles' is a gentle folk song that gradually morphs into something much more powerful. 'Full Time' from Field Guide is one of those personal songs that quickly becomes quite infectious and heading for a second listen. If you need a fix of feel good music and a bit of a lift Winter has it covered with the charming 'Bonsai'. Adámas blend genres like it's second nature to them, the result is splendid as 'Change It' ably demonstrates. From Denmark we have Rainbrother and their new album 'Island' from which we feature 'Honeybird' a song that suggests the album is well worth checking out. KEØMA sparkle with 'Lovers' a vibrant and danceable tune that is more than just a little catchy. Saltwater Sun have shared 'The Great Deceiver' the title track from today's E.P release

Saltwater Sun - Emily Breeze - Fever High - Ghost Caravan

We have to go back to March last year for our only other feature for Saltwater Sun, however their sprightly guitar sound, pleasing vocals and fresh rock feel is there in abundance on this fine new song. Emily Breeze mixes spoken word and song on 'Ego Death' a dark and brooding piece that is also very addictive, whilst the remixes take the track into some fascinating new dimensions. Fever High last graced our pages almost a year ago to the day, and their brand of vibrant Electro pop is again catchy, dynamic and hard to resist. 'Love Me If You Dare' is our second song share from Ghost Caravan whose refined music mixes subtle funk vibes, gorgeous vocals and a musical arrangement that is tight and polished. Saltwater Sun - Blood. Reading’s guitar pop sensations Saltwater Sun hurtle into 2019 with blistering new single Blood, the first track taken from forthcoming EP The Great Deceiver out this April. Punctured by explosive guitars and deftly fusing elements of shoe

Saltwater Sun - Hedge Fund

Saltwater Sun - The Wire. Background - Hand In Hive signees Saltwater Sun return with tenacious new offering The Wire, reaffirming their irresistible blend of guitar pop on a whole new level. Marshalled by frontwoman Jen Stearnes’ gritty yet infectious vocals, the Reading quintet’s first release of 2018 boasts stratospheric hooks, explosive guitars and delicious harmonies, elevating them right back alongside their indie peers. Having spent the last 18 months working on new material after drawing widespread acclaim from the online community and BBC Introducing, the five-piece are now gearing up for a hectic year with a slew of festival dates and releases in the pipeline. Discussing their forthcoming single, the band stated: “Recently I think we’ve found ourselves part of a society divided by misinformation and distrust. The Wire is taking a look at the turbulent times we live in; the world’s never been so connected, yet it’s very easy to feel detached”. Produced by Alex Loring, Sal