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Francine Honey - Anya Hinkle - Commonwealth Choir - Snake - Charlotte Rose Benjamin

Francine Honey has shared two versions of 'I Carry On' the second one includes Robert Gray who co-wrote the song, both are beautiful heartfelt tracks. === From Anya Hinkle we have a new video for 'Road of the Winds' which is a mixture of exquisite country and bluegrass. === Commonwealth Choir have released 'Light' accompanied by a cracking video as the band serve up some energised hook filled indie rock. === Three months after we featured 'Falling' Snake are back with 'Lost Girl' last time we described their song as "one feisty and fabulous rocker" and the new one is just as potent. === Charlotte Rose Benjamin shares 'Autopilot' along with a self made video (due to Covid lockdown) and both are captivating as she continues to gain trans-Atlantic interest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Francine Honey - I Carry On. “I Carry On ” is a testament to the human spi

The W Lovers - Ellie M - Eleni Drake - Astrid Holiday - Francine Honey

We have a pristine Americana song from The W Lovers to kick things off today, 'Time's A Liar' just exudes natural roots beauty, this duo really do have something special going on. Ellie M has a powerful and fabulously distinct voice, her vocals on 'Losing My Mind' is both captivating and stunning, as is the song as a whole. 'Ceilings' the new single from Eleni Drake might have been written in just fifteen minutes, nonetheless it's lyrics are striking, and with a refined musical arrangement this is one of those pieces that just stands out. I don't think it's to much of an exaggeration to describe Astrid Holiday 's voice as simply outstanding, as is the new song 'Mirror', just watch the video and see if I'm overstating things. Francine Honey rounds today's collection off with 'Stay' a song immersed in Americana richness, it's a fabulous taster for her new album 'To Be Continued'. ----------------