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Lily Allen - Live In Germany 2009

This is Lily Allen during the summer performing live at the Hurricane Festival, Eichenring; Scheessel, Germany back on the 21st June 2009. Despite all the media hype, tabloid press nonsense, and record company issues, Lily remains a very talented artist and live performer. I was surprised at how much 'stuff' has been written about her, however the wiki entry on her seems to be quite factual rather than a shrine for fans, and gives a reasonably good background. For me it's the music that counts and with some very very talented musicians this is one great concert performance. Source: FM Radio Broadcast (Germany). Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@256kbps Genre: Pop, Pop Rock, Ska, Electro Pop. Set: Full set. Set List: 01 – Everyone’s At It 02 – I Could Say 03 – Oh My God 04 – LDN 05 – Back To The Start 06 – He Wasn’t There 07 – Littlest Things 08 – 22 09 – Smile 10 – The Fear 11 – Womanizer 12 – F You 13 – Not Fair Links: Official Site HERE . Wikipedia HERE . Comments