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Discovery Zone - Jessy Yasmeen - Pete Gardiner - Ynys - Greg Klyma - Blake English

Discovery Zone has just released 'Dance II' which follows on from 'Blissful Morning Dream Interpretation Melody' which we featured four weeks ago, the new track is another refined electro piece with dreamy vocals. === Jessy Yasmeen just released the beautiful song 'Dreams' where both the musical arrangement and vocals really impress. === Pete Gardiner is back with 'Pick Your Side' a song that is vocally and lyrically mesmerizing, it takes a second listen to take it all in. === We featured Ynys last July and now we have 'Aros Am Byth' as the Welsh language singer once again shares a melodic and beautiful song. === The latest Greg Klyma video for 'Coffee and Weed' was made entirely during social distancing, it's described as a country waltz, an expression that kinda say's it all. === Blake English mixes Glam rock and punk together wonderfully on his brand new 'Spiders Make Great Poets' E.P, it's energized, imaginat

Whispering Sons - Irina Atanasiu - Pete Gardiner

Whispering Sons power up on 'Hollow' a splendid rocker of a song, where the haunting vocals and Gothic vibes are resplendent. I have to say I am very impressed with Irina Atanasiu's two songs shared below, forget how young she is, this is gorgeous material, that's superbly produced. It was back in 2016 that we featured Pete Gardiner (I genuinely thought it was just a few months back - time flies) anyhow he is back with 'Dangerous People' and it's a rather good song, to say the least. Whispering Sons - Hollow. With Whispering Sons’ debut album – Image – the Brussels-based band with Limburg roots hit one out of the park. Their first major release since the EP Endless Party (2015) took fans and critics by storm, which was soon also to be reflected in the Belgian Ultratop charts. The album came in at number six in the album top 100, and the single ‘Alone’ was voted first place by listeners for the hit list ‘De Afrekening’ [The Countdown] on Studio Bruss

Spoilt For Choice: Harts - Pete Gardiner - Oh My Love - Yishay

Harts - Power. Background promo - With a strutting bass line, velvety vocals and thunderous guitar riffs, the three-and-a-half minute epic sounds like it was written and recorded with the sole intention of being blasted from stadium speakers. The track premiered on triple j’s Good Nights With Linda Marigliano show and has since been added to high rotation on triple j. 'Power' is the first single Harts has released since partnering with Dew Process / UMA last month. Harts – the brainchild of musical polymath Darren Hart – has already had a huge year following the release of his latest single ‘Peculiar’, which has ruled the airwaves over at triple j and been on regular rotation since its release in March. He has since been touring non-stop both locally and internationally, recently returning from a successful tour of the UK and Europe, including a slot on the Pink Pop Festival in the Netherlands. In Australia, his outstanding live reputation is already cemented, having wowed t