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The Human Circuit - Wendy Bevan - Trevor Sensor - Jordan Mackampa

The Human Circuit - Greeves. Background - “Greeves”, the first single from The Human Circuit’s upcoming album, ‘Electric City’, is the perfect introduction to the band. Combining classic Indie Rock elements like male / female unison vocals and a driving beat with the more eclectic instrumentation of Jazz. “Greeves” touches on Arcade Fire, `a poppier take on Talking Heads and piano rock for something truly unique. Mat, The Human Circuit, on “Greeves”: “We too often look at love as a singularly defined “thing”. By desiring love, we immediately crave the array of expectations composing our concept of it. How much more at peace would we be if we could narrow our focus to the meanings we use to define love, rather than “love”, in and of itself?” The Human Circuit is a touring Alternative Indie-Rock band from Austin Texas. Their catchy psychedelic grooves range from the mystic vibes of David Bowie to the intricate arrangements of Arcade Fire. Their most recent album, Frequent Seas (2