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Sunshine Boys - Diners - The Roseline - CIEL

Sunshine Boys just released their second single 'Summertime Kids' taken from their forthcoming album 'Work and Love'. The Song has fresh positive rock vibes and plenty of musical hooks. === Our second helping of Diners this year comes in the form of the new single and video for 'Big Times' which oozes indie pop charm both musically and visually. === Last Friday The Roseline released their new album 'Good Grief' and it's a refined collection of Americana, folk and country rock beautifully arranged and delivered. === CIEL make their third appearance this year on Beehive Candy with 'Same Old Times With U' and once again the Brighton based band are on top form with this dream pop/rock piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunshine Boys - Summertime Kids. "Summertime Kids" is the second single from the Chicago band's sophomore album Work and Love, which will be relea

Very Very - Sass Jordan - The Saxophones - Brendan & the Strangest Ways - Diners

Very Very shares 'Badlands' accompanied by a video, a confessional and personal song with plenty of atmosphere. === Sass Jordan moves from her rock singer mode into some passionate blues with 'Leaving Trunk' ahead of her first full blues album due in March. === A month after we first featured The Saxophones they have returned with 'Forgot My Mantra' which is another exquisite song ahead of their 'Eternity Bay' album. === Brendan & the Strangest Ways have just released 'We Can Beat Mercury' a powerful hook laden country rocker. === Today Diners have released 'Cup Of Coffee' with a beautifully matched video for what is one smooth and very catchy song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Very Very - Badlands. Before being banned from the United States for 10 years, Very Very had built a life in New York City. There she found herself crossing boundaries in a relationship ba