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The Ninth Wave - The Catenary Wires - Adna - Yes

The Ninth Wave - Piece and Pound Coins. Glasgow's The Ninth Wave release new single "Piece and Pound Coins", a new taster of their next full length body of work, due 2022. A compelling piece, "Piece and Pound Coins" was produced by the band themselves and mixed by Max Heyes (Massive Attack, Doves, Lucia & The Best Boys, Primal Scream). Amidst a distinctly chilling atmosphere, rolling piano lines weave their way through chugging percussion with the track standing as a stark examination of grief and loss. Speaking on the release of "Piece and Pound Coins", singer Haydn Park-Patterson said: "I wrote this song about a friend who passed away a number of years ago. I’ve never really felt like I wanted to/could write about him for a number of reasons, but I guess the main one was because that for a long time, I wouldn’t have known what to write. Writing about death is a world away from writing about heartache/love/friendships because there’s nobody

Yes - Live In Chile 1998

A while back I was emailed asking if I had any Yes bootlegs ( I accidentally deleted the message, so apologies to the sender for never replying). The answer was of course yes . I recently came across this show, and one song prompted me to start featuring the band. Lets take a step back. I have most official Yes material both on vinyl and CD, so I have to admit more than a passing interest in the band. That said, down the years I have also found them infuriating! The self indulgent, pretentious, 'prog rock at it's worst' moments, have left me cringing, and the stage costumes in the seventies and eighties, a million miles from street credibility, can only make me gag. However, and a very big however at that! in the right mood and on the right day, Yes can still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It was one particular track inclusion on this boot, that even before listening, had me poised for a little neck hair rising. The song in question is 'America' th