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Slow Soak - Yard Arms - Roly Witherow - Marin Patenaude

Today Slow Soak have released their new E.P Mostly Fine which comprises of five new songs and the band test the boundaries of indie rock with sonic clarity, emotion and creative style. === Yard Arms new single 'Mantra' is impressive, the Bristol-based transatlantic duo mix powerful pop with rock sensibilities and a bus load of passion. === A couple of weeks after we first featured him Roly Witherow is back with 'Lord Franklin' a famous 19th century lament that's given a tasteful and intriguing modern feel. === Marin Patenaude shares 'Gone Blind' which opens as a gentle song that gradually builds into an expansive and atmospheric folk rock piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slow Soak - Mostly Fine (E.P). There is something that one may ask all over again: 'How do you feel?' – 'Mostly Fine', was Slow Soak's answer two weeks ago, according to the title of their last

Empathy Test - Roly Witherow - The Texas Gentlemen

Empathy Test forthcoming single 'Monsters' is a powerful anthem that exudes indie and synth musical traits and passionate vocals. === We are always on the lookout for different but good and Roly Witherow meets all of those hopes with 'Row Bullies Row' where punk meets sea shanty and folk (wonderful). === The Texas Gentlemen have just shared 'Ain't Nothin' New' it's a little psychedelic, a tiny bit country rock and a whole lot addictive, a fine taster for their July album release. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Empathy Test - Monsters. Monsters is the forthcoming single from synth pop magicians, Empathy Test, the lead track from their forthcoming album which looks to cement them as one of the most inventive, emotionally affecting and addictive musical experiences around. Written collectively by all four band members, Monsters is described by the band themselves as, “an ode to anxie