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Squeeze - Live In Oxford, UK, 1981

This is Squeeze back in 1981, and to make you feel as old as I do, this concert was performed a couple of years after 'Cool For Cats' was released, and almost a year after Jools Holland left the band, you know the score 'oh how time flies'. This includes some of the best Squeeze songs from their early years, and goes to show just how good a live act they have always been. This concert was performed at the Oxford Polytechnic on the 15th May 1981. Source: BBC radio FM broadcast. Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3 @320kbps. Genre: New Wave, 'Indie' pop & rock. Set: Almost the complete set recorded by the BBC (two songs missing). Set List: 1. Take Me I'm Yours 2. Another Nail In My Heart 3. Separate Beds 4. Slightly Drunk 5. Out Of Touch 6. I Think I'm Go Go 7. Is That Love 8. Heaven 9. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) 10. Yap Yap 11. Cool For Cats 12. Up The Junction 13. Messed Around 14. Goodbye Girl ('To Many Teardrops', and 'I'v