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Saturday Rocks: Elephant Stone - Jay Scott and The Find

Elephant Stone - Where I'm Going. Background promo -  After a wild tour through the west coast of the United States and Canada in November, Elephant Stone are strapping down their sitar and vintage guitar gear, and heading out on at US tour (plus honorary American city, Toronto) which has the band in and out of Austin for SXSW. To coincide with the tour announce, the band are presenting another smash song, "Where I'm Going" which features a newer sound that the band has been absolutely killing it with recently.  Rishi Dhir and company have been busier than ever, working on a new LP for 2016, and recently releasing single, "The Devil's Shelter” and are now following it up this week with "Where I'm Going", another stand alone number that hints at where the new record's sound is headed. Having already spent many years satiating the vintage fetishist psych sound, naturally the band has progressed into influences from 1980s and 90s England