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Pink Floyd - M502 Germany 1971

This is another Pink Floyd concert that is hardly an exclusive for Beehive Candy, however the quality of this specific remastered version, the songs performed and the unique nature of this bootleg make it a must feature as far as we are concerned. Copying from the notes that have been circulated with this remastered version we quote - M-502 is the matrix number of the original 2-LP vinyl set that was made in Europe sometime in the 70's (performance Grosser Saal Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany February 25, 1971). Although there are many different versions of this show, all of them are sourced from a M-502 vinyl copy. Some sound better than others, none of them sound anything like this. (Take Linda Surfin' was a popular one). This 2-CDR set comes from a mint condition original LP, and has been beautifully remastered by the Digital Floyd Archives. Not only is this one of the best sounding recordings (especially of this era), this is one of the best vinyl remastering jobs I ha

Pink Floyd - Meddler (London) 1971

This is Pink Floyd recorded live on the 30th September, 1971, at the BBC’s Paris Theatre, in London UK. Recorded for the John Peel Show, part of the concert was subsequently broadcast on the 12th of October 1971 on BBC Radio One. This was the first time two songs from the then new album Meddle were performed for the BBC (Echoes & One of These Days), and Nick Mason's vocal debut in the band is characteristically commented on by host John Peel. The version of 'Meddle' is quite funky and raw in a good kinda way. 'Fat Old Sun' is transformed into something quite special in this performance. A number of CD boots have been circulated down the years including both through 'Swinging Pig' & 'Harvested 'Records'. The Harvested version is complete and is probably the best boot version (from which this is sourced) and was put together from the sources below to become the full concert again. Source: BBC Rock Hour transcription disc (show #214) / Wes

Pink Floyd - Studio Out Takes & Demos 1971 - 1972

Pink Floyd out takes and demos from 1971 and 1972. There is plenty of Pink Floyd material around from this era, including studio out takes. I plan to feature a couple of live concerts from the seventies in due course, however decided to start with these out takes for one specific reason. The quality is really good, all mp3's are at 320kbps, and the journey from the original masters is a limited one, retaining much of the initial quality. I am personally fascinated by the first track 'On The Run' and where this piece of music may have originally gone, alas - as with all musical history from bands like Pink Floyd there remain so many 'what ifs'. Track listing is: 1. ON THE RUN (OUTTAKE) 1.44m (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, November 1972) 2. TIME (DEMO) 6.05m (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, June 1972) 3. MONEY (ACOUSTIC DEMO) 1.38m (Recording location unknown, 1971) 4. US & THEM (DEMO) 5.27m (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios,

Pink Floyd - Psychedelic Sound Check - 1994

In my little world, a small claim to fame is having been in the audience with my eldest daughter, at Earls Court, London, when Pink Floyd recorded the Pulse DVD. Like I say my little world. Turning the sad level up to eleven, I still have a guitar plectrum used in the show, and given to me after, in my possession. Did I mention little world? The 1994 tour promoting the Division Bell album was no little thing! In my opinion it was a fantastic tour, a spectacle definitely, the musicianship well crafted, and the gig I attended, plus the footage, and recordings of others I have heard, suggest the tour as a whole, was really appreciated by the fans. Oh, I know there are those who say it stopped being Pink Floyd when Roger Waters departed, or even when Syd Barrett was dropped, and those who hark back to the golden years, whenever they were. However do you know what? I really don't care. There are more important things in life than becoming retentive over music... So to the purp

Pink Floyd - Animal Moments

When ' Animals ' was first released, I was disappointed, I expected another ' Dark Side of the Moon '. .......................... Over time however, I have to say that Animals has become a Pink Floyd favorite of mine. Sadly the live material of this album has been pretty poor in quality down the years. ............................. Not surprising really, the American leg of the tour to promote this album was not a happy affair, which must have been clear at a number of concerts, and audience recordings from that time were generally pretty poor. I doubt the sound engineers were keen to risk the wrath of Roger Waters, however apparently there is an excellent sound desk recording somewhere, and here is a public grovel, for a copy if anyone can shed light on this. Having laboured the quality point, I have two good copies of Animals live namely, 'With Bright Knives' and 'Animal Instincts'. Cutting to the chase a pretty decent version of Sheep is available

Pink Floyd - Dreams Factory

I have to start somewhere. The first Pink Floyd concert I attended, was in 1975. I am pleased to say I was too young to have really seen them much earlier. That said, by the time Dark Side of the Moon came out, I was already a fan. Radio Caroline introduced me to Pink Floyd, and for that reason alone, I remain an anorak of Sky's 0199 Channel to this day. However way before I was going to gigs, fans were flocking to see Pink Floyd, and some were recording what they heard. Pink Floyd are up there with the most bootlegged of artists, maybe not as much as the likes of Led Zeppelin, but I would guess pretty much a top ten contender. What really makes a difference, is the quality of recordings made. None usually touch the live albums released with the artists approval . Pink Floyd however, by their very nature, seem to have had as much emphasis on quality, as quantity, when it comes to 'unofficial' recordings. Lets not get carried away here, there are some really awful Pink Fl