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The Mowgli's - Eddie 'Tan Tan' Thornton - Ben Watt

There is a brand new video from The Mowgli's for 'Wasting Time', a gorgeous, catchy indie pop song that really charms. === Eddie ‘Tan-Tan’ Thornton has been in the music business for decades and played with some of the best, his new single 'Fur Elise' is a refreshing reggae/ska take on a Beethoven classic and is taken from the splendid 'The Reggae and Ska Nostalgia Album'. === Ben Watt latest single is 'Figures In The Landscape' which comes from his forthcoming 'Storm Damage' album due at the end of this month. Once again Ben's solo work is impressive and oozes personal feeling and passion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Mowgli's - Wasting Time. We have the new visuals from The Mowgli's. Entitled "Wasting Time", the song details the struggle to find meaning in life.  Joshua Hogan confides "We all want to do something meaningful, but we don’t a