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Fragile Animals - Tullycraft - Pure Bathing Culture

We have featured Fragile Animals just once before back in 2017 and the new song 'Come Down' makes for a pleasing return, as the trio mix indie pop and rock styles together in a dreamy manner. In December we shared the video for 'Passing Observations' from Tullycraft. We now have a couple more music videos from the new album (The Railway Prince Hotel) of which we previously commented - "the band seemingly tear their way through the album with some highly original indie pop songs, that consistently have the bands unique and adorable sound". Another band making their second appearance on Beehive Candy is Pure Bathing Culture. Their honed and polished indie based music has feeling, originality and plenty of variety.   Fragile Animals - Come Down. Following the warm reception late last year of single 'Landing', Sunshine Coast-based dreamy rockers Fragile Animals reveal stunning new single 'Comedown', stepping closer to the release of their fo

New Sincerity Works - The Persian Leaps - Blue Sails - Fragile Animals

New Sincerity Works - Just Like Vapor / Love To Love The Love. Background - New Sincerity Works was formed in the summer of 2014 by creative powerhouse Mike Tittel (ex-Loud Family, current drummer for Roger Klug Power Trio, photographer, artist, and music producer). The band was created in the image of what all bands should look like, themselves. The songs combine modest, heart on your sleeve themes with indie-pop, Americana, and 1980's guitar/synth driven new wave. A decidedly familiar, yet fresh presentation. The band has invited comparisons to a second distant cousin of Alex Chilton as well as Guided By Voices, Paul Westerberg, Phoenix, and The Postal Service. Perhaps best summarized by a fan from North Carolina "The music is like hearing your best friend sing. And who wouldn't want to hear that?" "I always wanted to be in this kind of band, playing guitar and singing, but nobody ever asked me because I'm a drummer. I've played drums since I was e