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Amy Winehouse - Remembered In Concert 2004 - 2008

Much has been said about Amy Winehouse these past few days, thankfully many of the media comments and articles have focused on her incredible singing voice and musical contributions. Amy's addiction problems sadly seemed of more interest to the tabloid press in recent years and to often demonstrated how poorly understood these issues are by far to many people. On a positive and more fitting note, somebody that did know her personally is the actor and comedian Russell Brand whose own website carried this thoughtful tribute from him, which I thought really worth repeating in full - When you love someone who suffers from the disease of addiction you await the phone call. There will be a phone call. The sincere hope is that the call will be from the addict themselves, telling you they've had enough, that they're ready to stop, ready to try something new. Of course though, you fear the other call, the sad nocturnal chime from a friend or relative telling you it's too late

Amy Winehouse - Norway 2007.

This is Amy Winehouse live on the Amfiscenen Stage at the first Hove Festival in Arendal, Norway back on the 26th June 2007. This is a superb concert and includes a couple of excellent covers (Cupid, and Monkey Man) along with the regular material performed at the time. Despite the obsession of tabloid newspapers over every little flaw and mistake in Amy's life this concert reminds us of just how good an artist she is. During her 2009 stay in St. Lucia Amy Winehouse worked on new music with producer Salaam Remi. It has been confirmed by Island that a new album is due in 2010, Island co-president Darcus Beese said, "I've heard a couple of song demos that have absolutely floored me". On 27 April 2010, Winehouse's spokesperson said she was recording new material with Mark Ronson. Source: Soundboard Sound Quality: Excellent stereo mp3@192kbps. Genre: Soul, R&B, jazz, funk, doo-wop, swing, ska Set: Full Concert. Set List: 01 - Ad