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Monday Mix: T. Ailey - The Blinding Lights - Darker Still

T. Ailey - It Goes. Background - Introducing T. Ailey, a new vocal talent from Phoenix with a penchant for ethereal, other-worldly music. Her new single, "It Goes," out now on all streaming platforms, is proof positive of a uniquely talented songwriting and performing voice that draws on myriad influences for music that is equal parts familiar and original. For best results, make sure to listen on a stereo system or quality headphones, the panning in this track makes this a 3D listening experience . As she says's - I create with the intention to elicit deep emotion. There is much to be born from Inspiration as well as devastation. Feeling something is always better than feeling nothing at all. Website here . Regardless of the 3D listening experience mentioned above, 'It Goes' is a creative and intriguing song. Vocally it's delightful and the rhythmic background that's kept low in the mix throughout, is just enough to take this from a pure acapell