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Dad's Fastest Swimmers - Right Hand Left Hand - Manou - Brooke Bentham - Balsam Range

Dad's Fastest Swimmers have just released their second single 'Scream My Name'. The bands bright indie pop song includes fine vocals and harmonies along with a refreshing vibe throughout. Opening with a chunky riff Right Hand Left Hand track 'Chacabuco' which features Taliesyn Kallstrom, gradually builds in power and momentum the guitars and breathy chant acting as a prelude to Taliesyn's fabulous vocals that fit perfectly to this creative piece. Manou shares 'kleines großes Mädchen' a song sung in German, it's gorgeous even if you don't understand a single word, everything from her vocals to the beautifully arranged music just excel. Brooke Bentham released 'All My Friends Are Drunk' a couple of days ago, described as "a song for lost youth and young adulthood" it still resonates well with the considerably older me, the vocals are sincere and very likable the song is very catchy and Brooke is understandably getting not