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Weekend Wonders: Stiffy Jones - Ofelia K - Heidi Talbot - Gitta De Ridder - Quiet Quiet Band - Dyr Faser

Stiffy Jones - Echoes. Background promo - Stiffy Jones is back with a brand new album. After the release of their latest EP, the Disconnect Me EP, Stiffy jones has kept on their legacy of loud, sweaty and energetic stage shows to venues all around Sweden. Narrow Road Of Memories is a record full of powerful, melodic and personal punk rock songs that will leave you wanting more. The record is set for release on October 28 CD and digital download. Since 2009, Stiffy Jones current line-up has invaded the bars and venues of Sweden with their punk rock and constant need to be on the road. Formed in 2005 by four schoolmates in Stockholm without any wider musical knowledge but with the same passion for punk rock and a need to cure boredom. In 2012 their debut album was released and they've since toured Sweden. Stiffy Jones has over the years played with among others; Koffin Kats, Skumdum, Tysta Mari, Strawberry Blondes, Saturdays Heroes and The Friday Prophets. 'Echoes' was o