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The U.S. Americans - Leisure Club - Tusk - Cold Reading - Ritual Talk

The U.S. Americans - Fade Out. Background - NYC-based progressive psychedelic punk-rock band, The U.S. Americans, announce the release of their debut album, Greatest Hits, due out October 27th 2017. Produced by Scott Von Ensign and executive produced by Daniel Deychak, Emerson Williams, Roy Abraham and Jeff Weiss, Greatest Hits, is a collection of the best of progressive, psychedelic punk from the sons of liberty, The U.S. Americans. The group developed as a live act. Highlark Magazine caught a live show and reported, "the Americans had me from the word go as vocalist Jeff Weiss proudly hoisted a United States Championship belt overhead and outward toward the audience." The belt has become a major part of the live show and House of Glory, New York’s largest independent wrestling company, has used their music in their lively wrestling video compilations. Isaac Rodilla from HOG says, "The team here at HOG has dubbed U.S. Americans as the best band in the USA. We gave