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Rat Fancy - Swirlies - Simone & Girlfunkle

Rat Fancy - I Cant Dance To The Smiths Anymore. Background - Rat Fancy (ex-Sweater Girls) debut new track "I Can't Dance to the Smiths Anymore" and announce new album "Suck A Lemon" released May 26th on HHBTM Records. Dreaming of a world where reruns of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete are on every channel and kids are free to be as weird as they want to be, Rat Fancy emerges with their fiercely different brand of indie pop. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA—where despite all that sunshine you might choke on the smog and ambition all around you—Rat Fancy is ex Sweater Girl Diana Barraza (vocals/guitar), Gregory Johnson (guitar / keyboard) and Gavin Glidewell (drums). It’s a six-song EP about saying goodbye to all that, one kiss-off after another, possibly the sweetest collection of ‘fuck you’s ever committed to vinyl. Every track is a killer. Every track is a keeper. It’s the sound of being fd up on pollen and sugar, skidding through a dizzy blissful spring of la