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Keegan Chambers - atmig - Terah Lynn - Kev Gray & The Gravy Train feat Elise Palmer

We are back with a catch up on some recent songs that came our way during our break. We are going to be making some changes this year, the first of which is this. Our policy is to only feature new music we really like (& often love). Regulars here will probably take that as a given. So by being featured on Beehive Candy that is our endorsement and recommendation.  To keep this site going we are no longer going to comment on each song, we will just use any promotional material provided to give some background. We will also no longer do any additional research.  We no longer have any income streams and everything is done in our spare time, so these changes are essential. Let's just allow the music to do the talking ( or singing )! =================================================== Keegan Chambers - Not Waiting. Keegan Chambers’ latest release looks and sounds like it could be the intro to your new favourite HBO series. The alternative pop rock song, titled Not Waiting, was origi