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Roscoe Roscoe - Sondew Lerche feat. Aurora - Geowulf

Roscoe Roscoe - Secret Underwater Love. East London based five-piece Roscoe Roscoe have released a dreamy new single “Secret Underwater Love,” out now on Slow Dance Records / Missing Piece Records. The track comes off the back of the success from the band’s first two singles, the “ferociously alive” (NME) “Brain Retrieve,” and the “brilliantly psychedelic summer romp,” (Under The Radar) “Jacob’s Ladder.” “‘Secret Underwater Love’ is one of our oldest songs,” states frontman Charlie Read Clarke. “I wrote and recorded the first demo when I was about 15, long before I'd even met half of the band and since then I think there have been at least 3 different recorded studio versions until this one. It has a special, weird place in my heart that both floods me with equal parts nostalgia and cringe. Despite being the least mature of all our songs, it felt worth releasing after all these years, as our sound feels like it is forever changing. The track was recorded at Famous Times Studios in

Geowulf - November Ultra - Benz - Clever Hopes

Geowulf - Open Me Up. Following on from the triumphant ‘I’ve Been Over It’, which marked Geowulf’s reintroduction to the world and the first glimpse of a forthcoming EP, the band return with brand new single ‘Open Me Up’. ‘Open Me Up’ is a country-tinged song written in the height of Covid that bristles with raw honesty and emotion as Star opines on falling in and out of love in a strange time. About the track Star says: “Toma and I were having a brief catch up on the phone - I showed him a melody real quick I was working on, he was like “shit yeah I love it!” and we spent next two hours on FaceTime between London & Australia finishing the song. It’s a raw song for me that tells a personal story but it’s also one of my favourites we’ve done so far.” Geowulf are an Australian alt-pop duo based between London, UK and Noosa, Australia. Childhood friends Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin dived into the dream-pop scene in 2018 with their luminous debut album ‘Great Big Blue’ featuring th

Weekend Wonders: Alexandria - Laurel - Wicklow Atwater - Flora Cash - Philter - Geowulf

Alexandria - Hot Day. Background - The Stockholm-based band Alexandria muddling through the post-ironic middle class obstinate age. Their semi-electronic pop weaves together playful groove with muffled rhythms. Out of their combination of intoxicated palm tree sensualism, heard in their previous hit ”Secret Beach”, and melancholy influences from job anxiety arises an exciting harmony. In short: umbrella drinks meets ”back to the grind”. The quintet has found an unconventional and dim world of sound of catchy melancholy, where shimmering synths engulfs the listener in a dream-like state. Alexandria has created their own sound where realism and escapism is in a state of equilibrium. Alexandria describes ”Hot Day” with the following words: ”Hot day has its bright spots, and we are especially fond of the part after the chorus. Good vibe. We are really in to how the guitars sound the Stones album 'Tattoo You' from 1981 and tried to recreate that.” The single will be followed up b

Four Good Ones: Geowulf - Magic Trick - Eileen Carey - SD3

Geowulf - Saltwater. Background promo - Bu rgeoning London independent label 37 Adventures (Jones, Deptford Goth, salute) have added another string to their bow, with the signing of Geowulf - a dream pop duo based between London, Gothenburg and Berlin. Originally from Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, Star and Toma met in their teens. Despite both her parents being musicians, Star only found her voice 3 years ago - the pair naturally joined forces and have written together ever since. Channelling sweet sounds reminiscent of Beach House, Mazzy Star and Lana Del Rey, Geowulf's debut offering 'Saltwater' is a sinuous and melodic pop single; a bright and uplifting introduction to a band we're going to be hearing much more from. The single features on the forthcoming 37 Adventures label compilation 'Odd Numbers Volume 1', which is due for release on 5th August and showcases new and select cuts from the label's brilliant roster. Geowulf is Star Kendric