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Galapaghost - Sun Salute - A Permanent Shadow

Galapaghost has released his new E.P 'A Planet Without An Atmosphere' which I am pleased to say we have in full below. It's easily described as experimental, but it's also highly accessible and the beautiful ambient vibes are matched with some creative use of synths and vocals, enjoy! === We have some natural and gorgeous reggae from Sun Salute and their brand new single 'Dancehall Riddim' a fabulously arranged piece. === Accompanied by a clever and pleasing video A Permanent Shadow song 'Now' is taken from his recent album release 'Songs Of Loss' it's a good indicator for a really fine collection of music. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Galapaghost - A Planet Without An Atmosphere (E.P). Prolific and visionary, Galapaghost, is a solo artist who has proven through a string of acclaimed releases his fearless experimentation and uniquely DIY artistic sensibility. Galapaghost h

Chloe Foy - A Permanent Shadow - Sandra Andreis - Cleargreen - Jens Carelius

Chloe Foy makes her third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'Without You'. Her ability to write, create and perform beautiful folk songs remains intact, the latest piece once again demonstrates this. In just one word I would describe her music as stunning. From A Permanent Shadow we have 'Empty', a quirky, enjoyable and psych drenched song, with a suitably matched video, this one is very catchy. The Porgy and Bess classic 'Summertime' is given a thoughtful reworking by Sandra Andreis a modern version without taking away the originals class, and it's accompanied by a intriguing video. Cleargreen latest song is 'People' a bright and fresh sounding indie rocker, that is full of some rather deep digging hooks. We have the new track from Jens Carelius entitled 'All I Know' accompanied by his previous release 'Lay Me Down'. Both make good use of sweeping synths, and Jens characterful vocals give plenty of originality and interest to