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Starveya - Billie Jo - Mags On Earth - This Frontier Needs Heroes - Carmanah

Starveya are a Los Angeles-based psychedelic indie rock band who have just released 'Let You In' and it's a well cultivated, melodic and soothing piece. ==== Billie Jo has a new single entitled 'Simpler Way Of Life' where crafted country music is well matched with Billie Jo's passionately delivered vocals. ==== Mags On Earth appeared here a couple of times last year and makes a welcome return with 'The Good Man In Town' which is another "inventive and alluring song" to quote our previous description. ==== This Frontier Needs Heroes is the moniker of Brad Lauretti and 'Go With The Flow' is the title track for his fifth album and it's something of a genre defying but nonetheless hook filled song that could loosely fall under the Americana umbrella.  ==== As stated before we don't often feature cover versions however Carmanah have just released their take on the classic 'Bang Bang' and as they have already impressed us a

Mags On Earth - FEVA - Julie Kember

Around six weeks back we featured 'Tulip Stone' by Mags On Earth and the video for 'Old Ford Road' is a welcome follow up, as once again we are treated to another inventive and alluring song. It's our third feature for FEVA in a couple of years, this time with 'Undone' a potent and mesmerising alt rocker. Julie Kember is a fabulously soulful singer and yet adds so much more in her music, whether it's folk, rock, or blues, as 'Lived A Million Lives' helps demonstrate. Mags On Earth – Old Ford Road. Following the January release of her debut single ‘Tulip Stone’, Mags On Earth today releases her second single ‘Old Ford Road’.  It’s another example of her delightfully crafted, dreamily melancholic, electronic-touched pop music, drawing inspiration from the sultry pop sounds of artists like Lana Del Rey and Lorde.  And just like her debut single, ‘Old Ford Road’ comes with another self-produced video, which Mags shot in London. Recorded with

Katey Brooks - Kap Bambino - Cartoon Lizard - Mags On Earth - Sparkling

We begin with Katey Brooks who is appearing on Beehive Candy for the third time and once again she is mightily impressive with another exceptional song. Kap Bambino's video for 'Erase' has already gained considerable attention as it drives home the sheer energy and vibrancy of this electro punk blast. Cartoon Lizard share a creative song and imaginative video as the band prove hard to categorise with this track, it's rock of some sort and it's rather addictive. Mags on Earth creativity is notable as is the atmosphere and feeling on 'Tulip Stone' a refined and intriguing song. The duo Sparkling keep today's somewhat "alternative" vibe on track with some classy synths and distinct vocals along with some deep hooks. Katey Brooks - Never Gonna Let Her Go. Katey Brooks latest single ‘Never Gonna Let Her Go’ is about being true to yourself and rejecting shame. The singer reveals, "We're all going to walk this planet with different scr