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Lauran Hibberd - Robert Jeffery - Carroll - Dante Mazzetti - The Soft Underground

Lauran Hibberd makes yet another (and most welcome) appearance on Beehive Candy this time with 'Sweat Patch' a slacker pop come rock song, something she is just so good at creating. === From Australia we have Robert Jeffery and 'This Time' a slick rocker of a song. === We have to go back to 2016 for our only other feature for Carroll , well now we have 'Fern' a gently paced psychedelic influenced pop song accompanied by a very colourful video. === Ahead of a new E.P Dante Mazzetti shares 'Ugly' which is a beautiful song with a rich musical backdrop and notably distinct vocals. === Last month we shared a track from The Soft Underground ahead of their new album 'Anemoia' and I am pleased to say we have the album in full to hear below from this creative art pop duo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lauran Hibberd - Sweat Patch. Effortlessly charismatic and dripping in sarcasm, Isle Of