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Flora Hibberd - Lone Kodiak - The Bats

Flora Hibberd is back with a new single and video for 'I'm Gonna Leave You' ahead of next Friday's 'Archipelago' E.P release. Last year we had the pleasure of featuring Flora on four occasions and the new collection of songs showcases her wonderfully distinctive vocals alongside some beautiful musical arrangements. === Lone Kodiak deliver some powerful alt rock with their new song 'PDX '97'. It has all the vital ingredients for a stadium style sing-along anthem, and plenty of passion to reinforce the piece. === Back in 2017 we shared a couple of fine songs from The Bats and the long standing New Zealand indie band are back with 'Another Door' where their ability to create fresh new and fabulous songs remains intact.  =================================================== Flora Hibberd – I'm Gonna Leave You. Flora Hibberd was born in London and lives in Paris. In 2019 she released her debut EP, The Absentee, with London-based indie Clearlig

Flora Hibberd - FELIN - Michael Colton - Selkama

Having already shared a couple of tracks from her debut E.P we now have the complete set from Flora Hibberd entitled 'The Absentee'. Her gorgeous and distinct voice resonates through each song and the simmering atmosphere is contagious. === It's more than two years since we last featured FELIN and we catch up with the artist with the fourth single 'Money Honey' from her recently released album, as once again the feisty rocker is on top form. === Singer songwriter Michael Colton is about to release a new single entitled 'A Little Crazy', it's a fine country rocker packing energy and hooks galore. === Selkama recently shared 'All My Friends Are Growing Up' where the Finnish brothers deliver a melodic and perhaps a little melancholic but nonetheless lively and engaging song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Flora Hibberd - The Absentee (E.P). Born in East London but currently residin

The Golden Age of TV - LIFE - Fruition - Rebekah Rolland - Flora Hibberd

The Golden Age of TV have just released a new single 'Caught In Doors' ahead of their self titled debut E.P. We featured them back in early 2018 and the new release is more than welcome as the bands distinct and oh so likable musical construction really stands out. ===  LIFE have released a video for their fabulous album track 'Excites Me' a song that does just that, excites and rocks as well. === We have a video from Fruition for 'Wild As The Night' a beautiful and touching song that is melodic, as both the vocals and musical arrangement shine brightly. === Rebekah Rolland shares two songs on 'Mary / Louise' where the Arizona musician and songwriter is a delight to listen to, her lyrics, vocal delivery and music are somewhere special on the Americana spectrum. === We had the pleasure of featuring Flora Hibberd a couple of times earlier this year and are really pleased to share 'As Long as There is Night' taken from her new E.P, as once again

Flora Hibberd - Lola Marsh - Magnetic Skies

We first featured Flora Hibberd in April and she returns today with 'In Violence' an atmosphere drenched song where her imagination and creativity are again notable as is her fabulous voice. With close to forty thousand views since last Friday the new video from Lola Marsh for 'Echoes' has attracted a lot of attention, not surprising really it's a hook fuelled psych folk piece and the video is fabulous. Coming out this Friday is the brand new E.P. from Magnetic Skies titled 'Hold On' and along with this they will also release their second single 'Refugee'. As this is our fourth feature for them this year, I think it safe to say we like them (and some). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flora Hibberd - In Violence. Born in East London but currently residing in Paris, Flora Hibberd has been described as ‘intelligent and measured…there is a profound intui

Anna Rose - Flora Hibberd - Run Coyote

Anna Rose shares a live in the studio (and what a studio!) version of 'Nobody Knows I'm Here', which compares so well with the fully produced song. 'The Absentee' by Flora Hibberd is stunning, her beautifully distinctive vocals are full of emotion and the song is wonderfully dramatic. Run Coyote add a fresh dimension to the description "spaghetti western" however 'The Chase' more than fits the bill, and some!  Anna Rose - Nobody Knows I'm Here. Critically acclaimed artist Anna Rose reveals the first video from her upcoming docu-series highlighting the music, writing process and overall behind the scenes feel from her forthcoming project. The highly anticipated album, which was written and recorded in Nashville, is due out later this year. As a touring artist, Rose has always been a bit of a nomad, believing that home is where the heart is. For this record, home was in Nashville. “Throughout a time of deep turmoil and sadness, I found m