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Andrew Ryan - Jody and the Jerms - Ghosts Of Torrez

Andrew Ryan - Midwest Kids. Andrew Ryan announces the release of his Americana single, “Midwest Kids,” out today. The single is off the album, A Tiny Death, due out April 1 on Delete Yourself. “Midwest Kids”  revolves around the growing pains of figuring out who you are or where you belong, even within yourself. “Midwest Kids” serves as a guide to navigating life, the good or the bad, from childhood through adulthood. Ryan says, “Being a father, I’m starting to see my daughter try to navigate the same waters that we all swim through.” The single is an open letter to Ryan’s daughter, who moved from being a kid to becoming a pre-teen when he wrote the song. After spending so much time on the road, Ryan found a kindred spirit in William Least Heat-Moon’s book Blue Highways. In fact, on his upcoming album, he wrote the song “Heat Moon” about the fellow traveler. The book chronicles Heat-Moon’s journey across back highways (blue highways), where he encounters a diverse group of people alon

Zachary Kibbee - Jody and the Jerms

Zachary Kibbee has a new video for his single 'Somewhere To Put My Gold'. The video captures the sheer vibrance and energy of the song which is a funky, riff driven affair with a mass of musical hooks to dig in deep. ==== Jody and the Jerms make their third appearance on Beehive Candy with 'It's All Up To You' a song that exudes charm, energy, melody and just plain gorgeous vibes.   =================================================== Zachary Kibbee - Somewhere To Put My Gold. Los Angeles rocker Zachary Kibbee has released the new video for his single, “Somewhere To Put My Gold.” The track is a part of his new album Life In Low Fidelity, released earlier this summer. Kibbee exhibits sincere enthusiasm for music with his unique combination of modern alternative rock elements with his authentic gritty, bluesy style in his video. Zachary Kibbee’s “Somewhere To Put My Gold” video is now available to view on his YouTube channel. Zachary Kibbee and his fellow band member

The Ah - Jody and the Jerms - World/Inferno Friendship Society - Lilly Hiatt - Revolution, I Love You - Plastic Bubble - Modern Pomp

The Ah returns with 'The Factory Girl' just a few weeks after sharing 'Watermelon Tears' also taken from his forthcoming 'Mere Husk' album, the two songs suggesting this could well be a very creative collection of songs. === Jody and the Jerms have released their new E.P entitled ' Today' we shared one song from it last November and we have all four fabulous songs to devour today (if you excuse the pun). === Another band making a second appearance here are World/Inferno Friendship Society and the wonderfully titled track 'Having A Double Life Is So Hard (But Obviously Something You Enjoy) V1', where the music is again dynamic, addictive and original. === Lilly Hiatt has just released 'Brightest Star' a refined country rocker with plenty of heart and soul. === Another band back on Beehive Candy for a second time are Revolution, I Love You this time around we have the new track 'Vicious Vicious' the last single ahead of their ne

Armada Of Secrets - The Blue Stones - Golden Cinema - Cox's Army - Izzy Frances - Michael Malarkey - Jody and the Jerms - Piers Faccini

Armada Of Secrets feel that their new song 'Make Me Over' is a milestone for the band. It's also a marvelous and empassioned rocker of a track. === Blues rock duo The Blue Stones have a new video for 'Shakin' Off The Rust', which is a slick and potent song. === The new three track E.P from Golden Cinema is called 'Peachy Keen', and the three member band share some catchy indie rock. === Cox's Army are a bluegrass band and 'New Richmond Town' is a highly engaging track and a fine taster for thier new album. === Ollie Trevers has a new E.P. out and we have 'Can't Make It Up' and 'Stage Of Fools' to relish over, his vocals are wonderful (shades of Jeff Buckley) and the songs are beautiful as well. ===Songwriter Izzy Frances has released 'Safety' a song that showcases both her creative skils and fabulous vocals. === Michael Malarkey has a new video for 'Graveracer', his distinct vocals supported by an understa