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Millington - Kid Bear - Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra

Millington just released 'I Am That' a fabulous indie pop song where his vocals are simply wonderful and the songs positive and catchy nature just so likable. With six fine songs we have Kid Bear and 'Ep2'. The collection drifts between rock genres (from roots to alt rock) with a refined feel throughout and the vocals are passionate giving the E.P extra traction. Back in late 2017 I was mightily impressed by Paul Mosley and The Red Meat Orchestra so their return is more than welcome. Our first taste of the forthcoming album is 'People Are Idiots' and Mr Mosley with his varied companions are already promising something good to savour is on its way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Millington - I Am That. Back from being right there, Millington releases life-affirming single I am that. Like closing your eyes and travelling inward, I am that is an uplifting escape with a soul tingling soundscape,