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Boy Scouts - Theo Bard - Lillimure

We have a couple of recent videos for Boy Scouts namely 'Expiration Date' and 'Get Well Soon'. There are seven other songs on her forthcoming album 'Free Company' due out at the end of this month. Whilst both songs give a good feel for the album, there are plenty more highlights in store ans some exquisite musical moments, I have a feeling this album will be getting plenty of attention. 'Forget' by Theo Bard is a fascinating song, where electronic textures weave around his distinctive vocals which at times seem like a further musical layer within the piece, it's also a tad addictive. Lillimure has a new album out from which we have selected 'I Feel' and 'Lady In A Mirror' to share. Whether she is in Soul, Folk or Pop mode or even a mixture of all three, her music is melodic often very catchy and the attention to musical detail behind her refined vocals is notable. ------------------------------------------------------------------