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Stalking Like Candy - Joe Rusi - Belle Miners - Jenn Vix

Stalking Like Candy - Can You See The Light. Background - Stalking Like Candy are celestial beings, transcended from the ennui of terrestrial life. Indomitable. Their latest single Can You See The Light builds on the Cyberpunk universe of movies like Blade Runner and books like Neuromancer. It tells the tale of a street urchin from neo-Tokyo, her rise out of the slums, and the nostalgia she retains for the neon alleyways of her childhood. Stalking Like Candy combines a Pixies post-punk ethos with synths, beats, raps, and soaring melodies and harmonies. The lineup is Thida G (vox, synths, samples), Dr J (aka Jamie Q) (vox, guitar, synths, ukulele and stuff), Gabe (vox, bass), and Aleŝ ‘jazz hands’ Svoboda (drums). The band grew out of Locos, a covers band that’s been demolishing the Coogee covers scene since early 2016. Stalking mostly plays originals, but they love reinterpreting a few classics to really get the crowd pumping. You’ll see. Can You See The Light was born on a rainy w

Jesse Jo Stark - Daniel Carlson - Autobahn - Slothrust - Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease - Belle Miners

Jesse Jo Stark - Deadly Doll. Background - A rustle of atmospheric guitar emits a slight twang as her airy delivery casts an unshakable spell. Produced by Jason Lytle [Grandaddy, Band of Horses] and co-written with Chris Garcia [Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato], the songstress plucked the title from a personal book of phrases she carries around with her.  Ultimately, this lithe and lush ballad showcases both her pen prowess and powerhouse voice. For the uninitiated, picture a Quentin Tarantino- created femme fatale crooning in a natural-lit seventies Laurel Canyon haunt, and you’ll be halfway there.  “At the time, I felt like ‘Deadly Doll’ was my alter ego. It still is, depending on my mood. Lyrically, you can interpret it many different ways. I love combining these spooky elements and soft, eerie country tones into a beautiful anthem. The song got me through a tough time. I hope it does the same for listeners.” - Jesse Jo Stark. Facebook here . The music opens with a dark and moody