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Priory Of Brion (Robert Plant) - The Beaufort Theatre Wales 2000

Reloaded 18/May/2015 - Yep, fifteen years ago more or less since Robert Plant toured extensively as Priory Of Brion around the UK. Featured again by request and also as audience matrix recordings go this is very good audio and the unique selection of songs just adds to this little piece of music history. This is Robert Plant's touring band Priory Of Brion who undertook a good number of gigs between July 23rd 1999 through until Dec 21st 2000. This is the band live at The Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales, back on the 11th February 2000. During this phase of live concerts the venues tended to be smaller in size and as can be heard from this concert recording the atmosphere was warm and included some fine banter with the audience. Excerpted from ROOTS magazine, Aug/Sep 2000 - Robert Plant explains Priory of Brion The name of the band incorporates a reference to a society which was an offshoot of the Knight’s Templar called The Priory of Zion and the film The