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Frøkedal - Susie Scurry - Dr Dog - The Goldberg Sisters - Alfred Hall

Frøkedal - I Don't Care. Background - Oslo, Norway based Frøkedal today announces her long-awaited second album ‘How We Made It’, alongside the release of new single, and album opener ‘I Don’t Care’. The new album ‘How We Made It’, set for release August 31st via Propeller Recordings, follows her Norwegian Grammy-nominated debut LP of 2016, Hold On Dreamer. An exploration of the process of moving forward in a positive manner, in spite of one's naysayers - ‘I Don’t Care’ is based around the idea of firmly closing the door to the past. "I never really questioned my life / 'til you condescendingly said I’d fail” Frøkedal exclaims in the tracks opening verse, amidst a backdrop of gently strummed guitar work and bustling drums. The song then opens up to its rousing chorus - bringing together crunching guitar lines and soaring strings to stunning effect. An attempt to demonstrate being triumphant, rather than actually successfully being triumphant - 'I Don't Car