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Bootleg Originals Part Four - Jefferson Airplane - New York 1967

Am I glad I was just a minor in 1967. The whole hippie, summer of love, flowers in your hair, psychedelic thing would surely have sucked me in. These day's, I'd be recounting tales of just how 'far out' I really was, in that boring monotonous way that only old stoners can. Hmmm maybe... This is another moment in rock music history. First of all the venue, the 'Cafe Au Go Go'. The Cafe au Go Go was a Greenwich Village night club located in the basement of 152 Bleecker Street, New York, NY. The club was the first New York venue for the Grateful Dead, and has a veritable whose who, of 1960's artists that played there. Jefferson Airplane performed for two weeks at the Cafe au Go-Go, with supporting act Richie Havens, from February 1967. This recording was from 4th March 1967. As far as the Jefferson Airplane go, they had formed in 1965, in San Francisco, with their debut show on August 13th 1965, at the Matrix nightclub (San Francisco). Vocalist