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Five On Thursday: Life in 24 Frames - The Big East - Scotch Hollow - Monet - Hawkmoon

Life in 24 Frames - March (To The World, In Reverse). Background - It's not easy to understand Life in 24 Frames, but it's hard not to get trapped while trying. Stylistically speaking they appear to be all over the map. The band sounds like a comfortable blend of Pink Floyd's "The Wall", and the Beach Boys "Smile" records while effortlessly sprinkling in influences from modern indie rock contemporaries such as My Morning Jacket and Local Natives. Singer Kris Adams architects deep and thoughtful vocal arrangements on top of beautifully crafted hooky, yet complex and spacey musical arrangements. The band is mature, and the sound is as diverse as the audiences who have already embraced the group as an independent artist. Life in 24 Frames are comfortable in their own skin. Awkward and different, the group formed in Sacramento, California with one mission - to share the honesty and purity of their musical creations to as many people as possible. Since inc