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Down Under Double: Ben Ford-Davies - Woodes

Ben Ford-Davies - Vitruvian Man. Background promo - Having recorded a cracking new album, Papillon, which won him 3 South Australian songwriting awards, and previously opened for nationally celebrated artists (including Diesel and Jeff Lang), Ben Ford-Davies releases his latest single ‘Vitruvian Man’. Recorded and produced by Nigel Grummet, Ronnie Taheny, and Ben Ford-Davies at Hiball Studios. ‘Vitruvian Man’ is based on the concept of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of a perfectly uniform man and the idea that all his perfection is based largely on his connection with a universal formula. Having made three different starts in three different states over the last decade, Ben has just returned from a successful debut 28-date tour of Europe. Teaming up with the Europe-based dynamo, singer songwriter Ronnie Taheny, his life has turned around and his career has been revitalised. “Vitruvian Man is a great achievement for me as far as writing goes. I’m moving forward into a more contemporary