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Sunshine Boys - Diners - The Roseline - CIEL

Sunshine Boys just released their second single 'Summertime Kids' taken from their forthcoming album 'Work and Love'. The Song has fresh positive rock vibes and plenty of musical hooks. === Our second helping of Diners this year comes in the form of the new single and video for 'Big Times' which oozes indie pop charm both musically and visually. === Last Friday The Roseline released their new album 'Good Grief' and it's a refined collection of Americana, folk and country rock beautifully arranged and delivered. === CIEL make their third appearance this year on Beehive Candy with 'Same Old Times With U' and once again the Brighton based band are on top form with this dream pop/rock piece. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sunshine Boys - Summertime Kids. "Summertime Kids" is the second single from the Chicago band's sophomore album Work and Love, which will be relea

CIEL - Land of Talk - Gaygirl

CIEL make their second appearance on Beehive Candy with the new track 'Days' and once again the Brighton based band are on top form with this refreshing and dreamy indie pop/rock song. === Were playing catch up with Land of Talk and 'Weight of That Weekend' which was released a week ago but most certainly worth a share by us. === From South London we have Gaygirl and the single 'Mikkel' where the band create a powerful and stirring rocker of a song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CIEL - Days. Brighton-based dreamers CIEL share whimsical new offering ‘Days’, the second single taken from the band’s debut EP ‘Movement’ out later this spring. Delivering moody alt-pop with magnetism, merging shoegaze with post-punk, noir rock dream pop, the trio’s second release builds on the early promise shown in lead single ‘The Shore’, conjuring up innovative and nostalgic ideas and drawing comparisons to Alv

CIEL - haha charade - Kluster B - LEYA - Big Fox - 13//ali_fawn - Asgeir

CIEL have just released 'The Shore' and yet another Brighton (England) band comes on to our radar with some excellent dream pop, the seaside town is certainly a hotbed for musical talent these days. === Indie band haha charade share 'Forgotten Words' a refined rocker that carries a good few hooks. === From Kluster B we have 'Counterpart' a genre spanning delight where layers of instrumentation and melodic vocals work so well together. === It took me a while to get into the new LEYA song 'Wave' but it was one of those pieces I kept on going back to & I'm glad I did, it's original, atmospheric & quite creative. === We are not short of talented Scandinavian artist's at the moment and there is plenty of room for Big Fox and the dreamy and seductive song 'Beast'. === Another track that took a couple of plays or so to get, is from 13//ali_fawn who makes a second appearance here with 'Mirrorshade', there is plenty going o