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Caroline Blind - Ebony Buckle - Gaffa Tape Sandy - Colour Of The Jungle - Randall Bramblett - Stone Irr - Brooke Annibale

Caroline Blind shares a second track from her upcoming album with 'Need To Say'. Described as "dark and atmospheric" it's all of that and quite hypnotic as well. === Folk meets pop with 'Susan' by Ebony Buckle a delightfully quirky song that twists and turns both playfully and beautifully. === Our fourth feature for Gaffa Tape Sandy who have shared 'My Desperate House' a hook filled, full on garage rocker. === Five piece rock band Colour Of The Jungle have a fine song and message with 'Humblebee' a powerful and determined indie rock piece. === Randall Bramblett has released 'Vibrating Strings' ahead of the 10th anniversary release of his album 'The Meantime'. The new, deluxe edition of the album includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks from the original sessions including this gorgeous one. === Stone Irr has a new video for the single 'Fine With Me' a melodic and refreshing piece with fabulous vocal harmon