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VOIID - Seatbelts - Wy - Junodream - Jonny Kosmo - Morabeza Tobacco

VOIID just cut to the chase with Vile, a punk fuelled song without the pretence, but armed with plenty of hooks. Seatbelts 'Spanish Songs' is a refined piece that mixes fine vocals, harmonies and a few spoken words whilst the refreshing musical backdrop adds more. The vocals on 'Softie' are gorgeous and distinctive ensuring Wy standout, as they tease us with this taste of the forthcoming album. Junodream offer some rhythmic indie rock with some sparkling guitar as 'Terrible Things That Could Happen' hits the spot. Jonny Cosmo's quirky video makes a good companion for 'Circus Of Dreams' a catchy vibrant song with plenty of charm. Morabeza Tobacco have a rich and expansive sound for just a duo, what's more their music is lush, melodic and just so dreamy. VOIID - Vile. Taking no prisoners with an authentic riot grrrl approach, VOIID's latest belter 'Vile' isn't too dissimilar from what has come before, instead acting as a viv