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Kate Boothman - Sham Chewali - Focus Your Audio - Lorraine Nash

Kate Boothman releases '17' a song that she tells us was pretty much written and fully formed in just twenty minutes. That's impressive considering the depth and beauty of this track, I guess it took a little longer in the studio, either way it was time well spent. ===== Yesterday Sham Chewali released 'Yer Not Wrong' a song that opens with traditional folk sensibilities and gradually develops into a more modern piece, where alt rock is a reasonable reference point. ===== Last week Focus Your Audio shared a video for 'Over There' a song that has already gained plenty of attention for the Vancouver-based duo as their mixture of natural roots and Americana music resonates so well. ===== Lorraine Nash has just released 'Winter Sun' along with a video, we first featured her in October and the new song is another beautiful and creative contemporary folk song. =================================================== Kate Boothman - 17. Kate has gained a re