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BeeVids: Rachel Mason - James Kruman

Rachel Mason - Roses. Background - Rachel Mason presents the new 'Roses' video from new 'Das Ram' LP. Performance artist Rachel Mason presents the video for 'Roses', a track from her new album ‘Das Ram' LP, co-released by Los Angeles-based Cleopatra Records and artist-run cassette label Practical Records present  new album ‘Das Ram'LP. Comprised of eight tracks, this album conveys the stories of specific characters, who define and delight in their own realities and cosmologies, and individuals who create their own world views, their own religions, and fantasy lives. 'Das Ram' is an inversion of the name of renowned healer Ram Dass, and also a play on Mason's own initials, Rachel Ann Mason. The track “Roses”, produced and co-written by Jeff Hassay, is a powerful anthem with Mason's crisp sonorous vocals and positively loaded drive. The 'Roses' video was produced and directed by Los Angeles-based artist team BeckandCol. They also

Quality Not Quantity: Shannon Söderlund - The smallest Creature - Rachel Mason

Shannon Söderlund - Tomorrow's Only Tuesday. Background bio - A fresh musical force on the NYC scene, Shannon Söderlund is serving up catchy pop-rock anthems to a hungry city. With driving guitar riffs and punchy rhythms reminiscent of the late 90’s, Shannon’s anthemic music is influenced by the soulfulness of gospel music and the spontaneity of jazz, resulting in a sound that is at once bright, clear, and deep. Her songwriting and performances capture the complexities of life — the highs, the lows, the trials and the joys — while indulging in head-bobbing grooves and infectious lyrics that get lips smiling and toes tapping. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Shannon’s childhood was steeped in music. She spent the entirety of her youth playing and singing with her siblings and parents, who served as musical missionaries in Washington State and beyond. They toured internationally from the late ‘80s to the early 2000s, wandering over the continental United States, Mexico, G